About Super 6

Super 6 Twilight Golf is designed for social golfers who enjoy a quick round of golf every week but don’t won’t to commit to a regular competition day.

Play with anyone you like, whenever you like. It’s a quick and easy way to have fun and keep fit, without being locked into a set time on a set day.

How it works:

  • Grab six of your friends, family or workmates and form a team
  • Play nine holes of golf with at least one other person at least once a week
  • The lowest round you record in the week is added to your team’s total
  • One score card is recorded for each member of your team every week
  • Play whenever it suits you between Saturday morning and Friday night
  • Every Friday night all the scores are added up and weekly prizes are awarded
  • The more you play, the better your team’s chances of winning.